How many Hash tags are enough for your Instagram Posts?

News 10:04 April 2024:

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So you are tired of not getting many Instagram likes with your posts even when you accompany them with several has tags? It happens to most of us. Ever since people realize that adding some has tags down your posts could give the more exposure and potentially more followers on twitter and instagram, people having been tagging anything they want to. Most people don’t even pause to think of how the tag would impact on their post. In the end, you end up getting the boringly low likes your previous posts had.

One reason why a tag may flop on instagram is if it is overused. Using #me tags, #selfies or #l4l might be helpful at some occasion, but they are not the best tags for your every post. Sometimes the tag drives your posts into millions of other unrelated posts that had the same tag, which in the end doesn’t bring you any instagram likes or followers. Ideally therefore, stick with one or two tags that are truly trendy.